Partner Organizations

DPHEP, a Study Group for Data Preservation in High Energy Physics

The DPHEP effort represents a significant step forward toward global guidelines and coordination of data preservation efforts in HEP. The recent report sets forth a framework for widespread collaboration on these activities. We plan to participate actively in the DPHEP work and both inform our own research and communicate our findings in DPHEP meetings. Several of the DASPOS team are already involved in DPHEP, and this will continue. To clearly distinguish the two activities, DPHEP is a general organization for HEP data preservation, while DASPOS is a focused research project that will inform future DPHEP activities. Synergy with similar projects emerging within DPHEP as well as the multi-experiment agreements achieved within DPHEP will be beneficial for the DASPOS effort.

LHC, Large Hadron Collider

ATLAS and CMS experiments.


DØ experiment.