Technical Report 1

Overview of the LHC Data Model

Date: June 2014

Peter Ivie, Anna Woodard, Matthias Wolf, Douglas Thain, Kevin Lannon, Michael Hildreth, and Rob Gardner

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Background: The DASPOS project is an NSF-funded collaborative research project designed to explore the technical means of preserving the data and software components necessary to reproduce and build upon published scientific results. This technical report series consists of short reports that outline background, case studies, and technical results related to data preservation, with a focus on high energy physics.

Overview: This technical report provides a high level summary of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) data model from the perspective of a computer scientist for the purposes of data preservation and continued access. While much of what is described here may be familiar to the high energy physics (HEP) community, this brief summary serves to orient contributors that do not have an HEP background and to highlight the essentials of the data preservation problem..

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