Curation Challenge as a Demonstrator of the DASPOS Architecture

For the first two years of the project, the work on the data model and the program semantics can proceed relatively independently. In the final year, we will bring the two pieces together to complete the Curation Challenge. At a high level, the challenge consists simply of allowing one team to completely reproduce the physics results of another, relying only on the high-level logical description of both the event data and the software to be applied. After gaining some experience with the data model, the query language, and the high level software and processing specification, the audit group will develop a handful of challenge tasks that specify a data set via the query model and an analysis task via the program description. The technical group will carry out each of the curation challenge tasks and return the results to the audit group to verify the correctness. The final report will detail the nature of the curation tasks, the success or failure of individual curation tasks, the human and computational resources necessary to complete each curation task, and any missing pieces prohibiting successful completion of the Curation Challenge.