Management Structure

Advisory Group

The advisory group will be comprised of five people cognizant of both the issues of HEP data and with expertise in curating large datasets in different fields. It will follow the activities of the DASPOS team, suggesting ways to both limit the technical scope while maintaining relevance and to make the considerations sufficiently broad without leading to huge technical issues. The advisory group will help to develop methods for assessment of the project’s success and will appoint an independent audit group to define and evaluate the Curation Challenge. They will also provide additional contacts for the DASPOS effort into the international data preservation communities. The advisory group will be appointed by the project leadership and hold renewable one-year terms for the lifetime of the project, and will be expected to participate in quarterly progress meetings.

Audit Group

An audit group appointed by the project leadership will be responsible for establishing acceptance tests for the prototypes, and evaluating whether the software prototypes and the Curation Challenge correctly satisfy the science needs.

Technical Group

The technical group will be responsible for implementing and operating the software prototypes.